A Full Service Fashion Company



What is Zesta Style?

Zesta Style is a Full Service Fashion Company providing consultation services to women seeking their signature style. We work with clients to develop a way of dressing that is simple, uncomplicated, and elegant. It all begins with drawing on one’s inner beauty to create an outward presentation that is relaxed and confident.

” From the moment I stepped onto the stage of Good Morning America, I knew I had made the right decision to have Jen and Anita, my Zesta stylists, prepare me for this trip. I have never felt so self assured in my life.”

Zesta Style represents the collaboration of two charming and talented women. Anita Eliason, owner of Anita Eliason Designs, brings her expertise in clothing design and custom tailoring to the table. Jennifer Roberge, founder of Girlfriend in Your Closet, a wardrobe consulting company, adds her experience as a style consultant, closet organizer, and creative director for high-end fashion retailers, such as Bergdorf Goodman and Eileen Fisher. Together these Zesta Stylists know color, style, great design and how to find a bargain!
Anita and Jen will travel throughout the country looking for pieces to included in their Zesta Collection. All items must satisfy their discerning taste and provide value to their clients.

Does it qualify as a great basic or passion piece?

  • Is the piece exceptionally beautiful in color, pattern, fabrication or design?
  • Does the style accentuate the positive and minimize the negative?
  • Do we know a customer who would love this item?
  • Does the piece travel well? Is it easy to care for?
  • Will the piece provide lasting value in someone’s wardrobe?
  • Is it made in the USA?

The Zesta Collection breaks through the fashion clutter to bring you great basics and passion pieces at fabulous prices for YOUR Zesta Style!

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